Our goal is the professional and social integration of severely handicapped and socially disadvantaged people. Lebenswelten e.V. has been active since 1982.


Lebenswelten operates social enterprises in different areas of the Berlin economy. The creation of jobs in separate socially-oriented enterprises, which are competitive on the market, is making an active contribution towards reducing unemployment. These social enterprises also act as models for other companies in the economic region.

Professional training and rehabilitation

The most ambitious goal of the integration of people with disabilities into working life is employment on the open job market. For this reason, preparing people with disabilities for the job market by means of flexible training – which should be as close to real employment conditions as possible – and professional rehabilitation is particularly important. For over 15 years now, Lebenswelten e.V. has been initiating corresponding training courses and qualification measures in its own companies and in innovative joint projects involving a number of companies. These projects also cooperate with partner organisations from other European states on specific issues.

Social integration and basic qualification

With its employment opportunities and provision of a daily structure, Lebenswelten e.V. is making a contribution towards preventing the social isolation of individuals who have undergone long periods of hospitalisation, and for whom taking a step towards further professional development is not yet or no longer a prospect. In the sheltered residential communities, we help regain and strengthen social competence. We support the preparatory steps needed by residents for an independent life in their own apartment, and promote measures to enable them to attain the greatest level of autonomy possible.


We are active at a regional level in the Federal State Committee of Integration Enterprises, while at federal level we are part of the Federal Committee of Integration Enterprises (“BAG Integrationsfirmen”) and in Europe, we are a member of the Confederation of European Firms, Employment Initiatives and Cooperatives (CEFEC).

Special integration services (IFD)

For people with disabilities, it is no small challenge to obtain and keep hold of a job. They need targeted supported in individual cases, and organisational advice. Lebenswelten e.V. takes on this role on behalf of the Berlin Integration Bureau, with two special integration services for professional support and job placement (IFD-Nord, IFD-Süd) for people with severe disabilities.

Assisted employment (JobMotor)

This is an “Internal qualification – assisted employment” measure in accordance with Section 38a of the German Social Security Code IX, and offers people with a disability who are unable to participate in professional training due to this disability a new opportunity for entering the general labour market. At Lebenswelten e.V., the special integration services for Charlottenburg, Pankow, Reinickendorf and Spandau are located in the area covered by the “Agentur für Arbeit Nord” (the state employment agency for the northern Berlin districts).

Quality management

The Lebenswelten e.V. quality community is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and according to the AZAV (certification for bodies responsible for promoting professional further education in accordance with the employment promotion legislation).