Our mission statement







Integration through employment, education, consultancy, support and catering

During the early 1980s, Lebenswelten e.V. took pioneering steps by founding integration enterprises in the Berlin region: enterprises where people with a handicap (particularly a psychological handicap) work in normal employment conditions and in an environment that meets competitive standards. The development of a broad spectrum of social services, projects and companies is the result of over 30 years of commitment by Lebenswelten e.V. to the social and professional integration of socially disadvantaged people in the region.

Lebenswelten: We focus on our clients and customers

With its services, Lebenswelten e.V. focuses on the need for social and professional integration among people with a (psychological) disability, as well as socially disadvantaged people. We address the current and future needs of our clients and customers, formulate standards for our organisation and strive to exceed expectations.

Lebenswelten: We support our staff

Lebenswelten e.V. is a social enterprise with a democratic-emancipatory orientation, the development of which is based on the direct personal commitment of its members and staff. Our goal is to create social living spaces that promote integration and prevent exclusion. The corporate culture is supported internally and externally by mutual respect and fairness, in an atmosphere where different opinions are tolerated. Our management works to ensure that the purpose and orientation of the organisation are in harmony. They create and retain an internal environment in which our staff can fully concentrate on achieving the goals of the organisation.

Lebenswelten: We involve all individuals

It is individuals that determine the core nature of an organisation at all levels, and involving them makes it possible to bring their skills to bear for the good of the organisation. Employee satisfaction is promoted through active involvement in decision-making processes and offers of further professional development and skills expansion. Our ongoing quality development is implemented in an open, objective dialogue with staff.
Committed, well-informed staff ensure the success of our organisation.

Lebenswelten: We place our processes at the centre of our activities, and optimise them on an ongoing basis

Our quality management system is structured on the basis of a process-oriented approach, which covers services in the areas of employment, advice, education, care and catering, and which allows us to make ongoing improvements.

Lebenswelten: We promote a system-oriented management approach

Lebenswelten e.V. promotes an awareness of shared values and goals through a cooperative, democratic management structure and through active participation among staff in decision-making processes. Through the establishment and further development of transparent structures and services, the individual projects run by Lebenswelten e.V. can also hold their ground in times of economic difficulty, and cope with changing demands.

Lebenswelten: We take effective decisions regarding new developments

Lebenswelten e.V. identifies and fulfils market potential using the resources of the entire organisation and its network, and from this, develops solid, needs-oriented concepts and well-functioning organisational processes.

Lebenswelten: We and our partners

Lebenswelten e.V. is a partner for its customers. The quality of cooperation is supported by an awareness of mutual benefit. Networking and ongoing professional informational exchange at a regional, federal and international level serve to improve the substance of our work, both internally and externally. They also promote the establishment of strategic partnerships, and help us improve the provision of our services for the benefit of our clients and customers.

Lebenswelten: We aim for integration in the employment market

Lebenswelten e.V. works to prevent exclusion and long-term unemployment among people with a (psychological) disability. Our goal is to provide specialist services that improve personal and professional prospects, the chances of being offered a job and the individual life quality of our participants/clients (in line with the Accreditation and Permission Ordinance regarding Employment Promotion, or “AZAV”, fields of specialism 1, 3, 4 and 6). We aim to positively influence the image of (psychologically) disabled individuals in our society, towards an increase in acceptance and openness. In order to achieve these goals, we work to continuously improve existing services and employment agency activities, and to develop innovative, disability-friendly services based on commercial principles for the purpose of cost coverage and the creation of financial reserves. With this in mind, the acquisition of public funds is important in order to ensure that our target group benefits from them (in line with the Accreditation and Permission Ordinance regarding Employment Promotion, or “AZAV”, fields of specialism 1, 3, 4 and 6).